Cibo Matto - Viva! La Woman (LP)

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Drager: LP
Releasedatum: 26-02-2021
180gr/Insert/1000 Numbered Cps On Transparent Red Vinyl
1-LP Holland
Dance / Triphop
Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Insert
Cibo Matto was a Japanese-American band formed by Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori in New York in 1994. Their debut album Viva! La Woman is the only album to be released by them as a duo, before Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis and Duma Love joined the band. It therefore also sounds quite different from the rest of the Cibo Matto catalogue: the album is best described as a trip hop fused with pop and alternative hiphop, and its lyrical subject matter is mostly concerned with food. Two singles were released from the album: “Birthday Cake” and “Know Your Chicken”. The album was critically acclaimed by music critics, whom labeled it innovative and catchy. The record is released as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on transparent red coloured vinyl, and the package contains an insert.

  • 1. Apple
  • 2. Beef Jerky
  • 3. Sugar Water
  • 4. White Pepper Ice Cream
  • 5. Theme
  • 6. Birthday Cake
  • 7. Know Your Chicken
  • 8. The Candy Man
  • 9. Le Pain Perdu
  • 10. Artichoke

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30 cm

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