Taste – Taste / On The Boards (2LP) G50

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Cat. Nummer: 2679020
Staat Vinyl: Staat VinylStaat VinylStaat VinylStaat VinylStaat Vinyl (uitleg)
Staat Hoes: Staat VinylStaat VinylStaat VinylStaat Vinyl (uitleg)



A1 Blister On The Moon 3:26

A2 Leaving Blues 4:15

A3 Sugar Mama 7:14

A4 Hail 2:35

A5 Born On The Wrong Side Of Time 4:00

B1 Dual Carriageway Pain 3:13

B2 Same Old Story 3:32

B3 Catfish 8:04

B4 I'm Moving On 2:29

On The Boards

C1 What's Going On 2:44

C2 Railway And Gun 3:33

C3 It's Happened Before, It'll Happen Again 6:27

C4 If The Day Was Any Longer 2:05

C5 Morning Sun 2:34

D1 Eat My Words 3:40

D2 On The Boards 5:54

D3 If I Don't Sing I'll Cry 2:34

D4 See Here 2:59


D5 I'll Remember 2:57

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